The Point

The Alef II

The Alef II

There is a point. I don’t know if physical or psychical. But I think, that if you find that point physically you will find it psychically, too. Yet this point is somewhere over here…

Borges said: the Alef. The One. And not just the beginning: “In Borges’ story, the Aleph is a point in space that contains all other points. Anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion.” – (full article see here. Full story here)

Borges said: in space. But as in a previous post I asked: What if beyond this place nothing exists? Just you and your brain. Or your soul. Solipsism. — Is solipsism the ultimate state of mind? And in this case my place birth from solipsism is as just in space as Borges’ Alef?

There is a point, that is the sum of all points in the universe.

And I decided to find it. Right here. In this picture. In this place. In this universe.



ps.: more of point or pointless you should watch here


The Alef

01 Alef Background

This is how all began.

Two years ago, around march, I took this strange picture. Everyday single day I passed by this hillside, and that day I knew that it have to be captured. I composed a while, but there was something with its descendent lines. Top left down to bottom right. And I took a decision. A decision that changed my photography vision.

I don’t know if this is a good pic, or not. Maybe it’s a pathetic one. But I consider it a milestone in work.

It does not have a properly defined subject. But I did choose to have not a properly defined subject. The subject is the decision itself.

To avoid descending lines I did rotate the camera. I rarely rotate the camera. Almost never. But I took this decision, too…

And the most important part is of this process: I decided to share it.